About Us

Monorail Studio Picture

 Monorail Studio is a small paper goods and apparel print studio based out of Austin, TX. We are still in our humble beginnings but it started between two college friends that had an idea to make a few fun and bold designs for their cold lack luster walls. With both of us being art students, we were very particular with what color would fit perfectly with our ever dividing taste and soon realized how many times we had fallen in love with something only to realize the color was just not to our liking. We knew not everyone shared the same personality so why not offer prints in an array of color choices to fit each person's style. Before we knew it, we had spread our wings and have been very fortunate to continue doing what we love. 

All of our prints are our original creations that we hand draw and design in our home studio. We create all of our products by hand from printing each of our prints all the way to cutting our own paper. We believe in the small touches that makes a product truly unique and special. We do our best to create designs to adorn walls, desks, and homes that let you share what you believe and love in life.

We are very conscious about where we source our materials, how much of an impact they have, and the best way to create our products without using harsh chemicals or inks. From this we can feel good about what we do and you can feel confident when you share in our products that brighten your spaces and express your personality.